Privacy Policy

The Bellevue Hotel Group websites (herein after referred to as “the websites") stores the personal information entered by staying guests into the group’s database. This includes information gathered from guest reservations, guest registrations and guest inquiries.
The hotel group recognizes the confidentiality of these information and pledge to handle them with utmost care. However, the group cannot be held accountable for unauthorized or accidental access beyond the group’s control.

Usage of Personal Information

All personal information will be used for the following purposes.
  • 1. For guest-related purposes including replies to inquiries, sending requested documents and registering reservations into the hotel system.
  • 2. For cases in which it is necessary to contact the guest by email, telephone or by mail.

Management of Personal information

The group will not disclose personal information to third-party companies except in the following cases:
  • 1. The third party is a company that has a confidentiality agreement with the hotel group, and requires the information to fulfill work involved in the operations of the hotel group.
  • 2. The guest approves of the disclosure.
  • 3. There is a legal inquiry from the courts or other authorities.
  • 4. There is a medical emergency or other emergencies that threaten the guest’s well-being.

Usage of Statistical Information

Guest information may be used as statistical data for the purpose of marketing research. The statistical data chosen cannot be used to identify guests as it excludes personal details such as guest names.


The websites use cookies. This is to enhance the guest’s usability of the websites and will not infringe on the guest’s privacy. Guests can disable the cookies function, but this may result in difficulties browsing certain pages of the websites.